Unique and Complete Book Cover Design

Unique and Complete Book Cover Design
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(Package contains Front, Spine, and Back Design)

In this fast-paced, interconnected world, books still thrive, despite the move to online reading by much of the population. E-books have become a raging phenomenon of the 21st century,which has opened up the 'printing' world to a whole spectrum of authors, both budding and seasoned. If you are in the market for a eye catching, highly visual book cover, e-book cover, or book illustrations - you've come to the right place!

All publishers know that no matter how well a book is written, it is often the cover (and spine for printed books) that first attracts a potential reader (and buyer). Make your book stand out from the rest by investing in a cover that people will be attracted to - that they will want to investigate further.

We offer original, aesthetic book and e-book cover design, as well as sophisticated internal book illustrations for the discerning author. Unique graphics and text conveys your book's brilliance in an eye-catching yet affordable way. We will create a visual metaphoric representation of your book's essence.

All graphics are specially made with your vision in mind. Aesthetic, unique, and congruent with the general intent of your project. You receive layered PSD files as well as copies in various file formats, e.g. eps, tif, and png. Graphics are rendered at 300 dpi, suitable for print as well as web viewing.

All covers and illustrative graphics are one of a kind.


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