Full Academic Course Development

Full Academic Course Development
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We offer over twenty years of curriculum development (program and individual courses) in health, aboriginal and education related topics. Our director, June Kaminski is a PhD Candidate in the Faculty of Education, Curriculum and Pedagogy Studies at the University of British Columbia with an emphasis on e-learning, learning object development, multimedia and game development for education, and continuing education/professional development courses.

We can work with you in a number of different ways. We have worked with teams virtually from all over the globe. Whether you need to develop in-class curriculum, online curriculum, a hybrid blend of both, or if you need short continuing education or professional development courses or training programs, we can help meet your needs.

Designing a web-based course, or adding web content to a traditional course, is much more than placing lecture notes on the Internet. Instructors must discover new ways to engage learners and encourage them to be active in the course activities. For many, this is a major change from the way they were taught and trained to teach. In order to be successful as an on-line instructor, faculty need to have some understanding of pedagogy as it relates to distance instruction. Some best pedagogical practices that are specific to distance learning are induction, building of learning communities, construction of support networks for students and faculty, and the development of adequate security practices. We will help you to attend to all of these practices while designing your course with the utmost care.

We can design and write courses for your clients, your employees, your professional organization, your higher education institution, or for the general public. The particular learning levels of your target student population can easily be addressed - whether you need a course written in easy to follow, layman language or one that uses a sophisticated graduate level academic voice. We can provide the content, illustration, media augmentation, and accreditation-quality content for short CEU courses right through to full program development.

We will also help you to design courses (either online or paper based) to reflect the most current pedagogical practices, including constructivism, problem-based learning, cognitive apprenticeship, situated cognition, and the integration of technology. Whether you need in class content or online development, we can meet your curriculum development and/or consultant needs.

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